Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Technology 2015

Technology 2015

This Year ( 2015 ), the year 7’s and 8’s had their technology rotations, which changes every term and lasts  two days of the week.
We got to choose four rotations out of the the five rotations : Food, Photography, soft materials, electronics and Graphics, The first technology rotation I choose was beginning electronics.
In electronics we got to build a hand buzzer, but mine broke and that was upsetting. The electronics was cool because we got to soldering and that was something new for me.

my next technology rotation was soft materials. at first I thought soft materials was going to be boring be, once we got into to it, it was sort of OK. In Soft materials we made a tea towel which I gave to my gran and two sunglasses cases that I gave to my mum and sister.

The third technology I choose Photography and I thought that was the best rotation to do, I recommend doing photography next year if you are a year 6 or 7’s, because you get to take photos and edit them for all of the two days. Photography  was hosted by Ms Fothergill in the library and we got to bring our own cameras and use them all day

My last rotation, graphic which was the most boring of them all. Graphics was hosted by Mr. Munro in his classroom and for graphics we drew angles, 3d shapes and 2d shapes. Graphics was boring for the first day, but got a bit better on the second day.

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