Sunday, 6 December 2015


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One hot afternoon in alice springs Australia turned a summer holiday into a disaster. Trees are burning down taking many houses and cars with it. At the moment it is reported that 49 people are missing and dead in only 2 hours of disaster.

Fire fighters are still trying to put the flames out, as they put one out it is reported theres 2 more people dying and burning in every 30 minutes. The flames are a mystery why it is set on fire because it is not hot enough to burn trees many houses, buildings,hotels and motels have been evacuated. A family of 4 was trapped in a burning house for 30 minutes until the fire fighters arrived i am here talking to them now.

Tracy Smith mother of 2
Reporter : what was going on in your head while your house was slowly burning down on you?
Tracy Smith: the only thing that was going on in my head was what do I do!
reporter: When the firefighters came how were you feeling?
Tracy Smith: So relived
Reporter: thank you Tracy for talking to us.
Tracy Smith : thank you
we recommend to evacuate your homes if you are in alice spring.

Now going back to Chris and Lily.

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