Monday, 9 November 2015

Year 7/8 camp

Camp recount

Arriving at Peter Snell Youth Village was loud and exciting the sun was bursting bright and everyone wanted to get out of the bus. When we finally got out we grabbed our gear and put it away. After a hardcore day with me and my group doing air rifles and the rock climbing wall there came the burma trail at night, all you could hear in the bush are screams of girls and boys.
The next day was an even more hardcore day with me and my group, doing the confidence course, then the initiative course, then archery, and then the hobo stoves
after all the activity rotations we had free time, dinner and then the water slide was open after going on the water slide we had the talent quest. The next day for me was the best day at camp we went to snow planet. When we arrived at snow planet everyone was excited especially me. After falling on my bottom a few times while snowboarding it was four o'clock it was time to head back to the camp to have dinner. After dinner the water slide was open and then we went to bed.The next day was the day we left for reremoana That's the end of camp.

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