Monday, 9 November 2015

Y7/8 Camp

Y7/8 Camp

On Tuesday 3rd of November we got on the bus and went to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village.) We stopped and found out that we were in the wrong spot so we went back and tried again but then we were in the wrong spot yet again so Mr Fourie sat next to him and got the GPS on his phone to find out the way just to be sure that we wouldn’t go to the wrong spot again so that we could make it in time.

When we got there we did our first 2 activities, my first 2 activities were Confidence Course then we did the Initiative course. The Confidence Course was really fun my favourite part was the flying fox because you had a challenge to try and hold your own weight until you hit the platform and on the Initiative Course because we got to work as a team and encourage each other to try and complete everything in a short amount of time. It was nighttime and we were doing the burma trail all the teachers hide and was scaring everyone since we were the last people all we could hear was people screaming when we got out we were all so happy that it had finished.

It was the second day of camp we were about to do  activities mine were Archery, Hobo Stoves, Riffles and Rock Climbing. First I did Archery it was really hard for me because i forgot to bring my glasses and I couldn’t see the target properly but at least I hit the white paper. Next we did Hobo Stoves it was really fun everyone was saying that the pancakes tasted like dirt but when our group did it and they tasted really nice. Then we did Riffles, I really enjoyed the Riffles because you got to watch everyone and see how many times you hit the cans. I got ⅘ at the end but at the beginning i was a bit nervous because I had never held a gun befor. After the Riffles we did Rock Climbing it was really fun we were trying to get the whole team to go as far as they could and some of us got to the top and rung the bell we all enjoyed it but Olivia got to the top in 21s and as we found out it was the fastest time out of everyone that tried.

It was Thursday we going to snow planet everyone was getting ready to go we were all there we were getting on the bus we were on our way to Snow Planet and then we saw the sign saying snow Planet we all got out of the bus and got our boots on I was doing Snowboarding so once we got our boots on we went to get our helmets and Skis or Snowboard for me. We went to get our lesson, the lesson was really helpful because we learn’t how to turn and stop. It was really fun we all went higher and higher till we felt that it was high enough. I went from about 10 meters from the top and fell and landed on my tailbone which really hurt.

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