Sunday, 22 November 2015


The hot, hot sun
Games are all fun
It’s now Summer
And the fun had just begun.

In the scorching hot sun we go to the beach
Even to get bit by a leach
The beach is crowded by thousands
But there’s this little girl sitting on her towel and
She doesn’t know where her parents have disappeared
If only they could re-appear.

She calls and yells for her Mum and Dad
Only to make an old lady mad
After a while of crying of sadness
Her Mum came by screaming of madness
“I thought we lost you my darling dear”
Mum yelled on and on with fear.

But not long later we arrived at home
Safe and sound without a groan
It was an amazing day
Let’s just hope young Daisy doesn’t get lost again.

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