Thursday, 19 November 2015

Special celebration

Why we should have a national public holiday for the all blacks twice in a row rwc wins

Today I’m here to tell you why all of NZ should have a national public holiday for the All Blacks second RWC victory in a row and three RWC’s in total.

Image result for all blacks logo1st of all I think all of NZ deserves to have a national holiday because after all the All Blacks have put their bodies on the line to win us the two world cups that we won in a row. This  should really mean something to NZ because of what the All Blacks have done for this country.

Another reason is that during that day NZ could have different parades around the country to celebrate that. Every time it’s November 1st we should celebrate the All Blacks epic win to get their names put into the history book. Also personally I think that having these parades around NZ will remind everyone of the All Blacks win that happened in the RWC 2015 final.

If we had this yearly public holiday it would really mean something to (considering im a rugby fanatic) me and im sure this would really mean a lot to the whole entire country of NZ.

I hope after reading this you feel there should actually be a public holiday to celebrate the All Blacks win and also this day having parades all over NZ.

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