Monday, 9 November 2015

Sick And not going to camp

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Tuesday third of November 2015, That morning I woke up with a block nose and sore throat. The sun shone through the window and into my face as I got up to look for my mum . When I found her, I asked if I could skip school that day and she replied with a yes. I was glad that was her answer because my throat felt like a cat scratched it , my nose was blocked like someone had just shoved plug in both nostrils, and all i wanted was sleep.

I immediately slapped myself  in the face and went to look for my clothes. I did my morning routine I went downstairs, had a light breakfast grabbed my phone and my bag and waited on the coach for my mum to get ready for her facial appointment. I decided to find some new fan fiction to read while I wait for my mum. Her appointments usually takes an hour and  I usually read fan fiction or play games on my phone. After a short while my mum came downstairs and we then headed out the door.

After a half an hour drive we came to a stop, we then made our way into the building and was greeted by a smiling receptionist. She showed my mum to the room where she would be having her facial and told my mum to lay down on the bed and wait for her as she went to get the things for the facial. I took out my phone and started to read some fan fiction on watt-pad, they were mostly Naruto and Katekyo hit-man reborn.

After the facial, my mum and I went to have lunch at Nishiki. A Japanese restaurant across the road. My mum had a small grilled mackerel  set which came with a bowl of rice, miso soup, and a side of pickles. I had ramen, we also ordered some drinks and takoyaki. Later we then went to the mall to by some moisturising cream for my face and we somehow ended  up with to two make up packs. After that we went home for the day, my mum had to go to work that night and I stayed home with my uncle. The next three days after that was a blur and I don’t remember much but all I know is that I got a lot of needed sleep.

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