Monday, 16 November 2015

Reremoana School Athletics Day 2015

On Friday 13th, Reremoana school went to Massey park for our athletics day. When we arrived at massey park, we got into our age groups and waited for our first activity, which was 1500m.
The 1500m was first and i came 4th in the boys and 6th overall. Since I came 4th in the boys I didn’t get a ribbon, which I was a bit disappointed.
Our second event was discus. My first throw was bad and I stepped out of the circle and got a no throw but my second throw was a bit better and my last throw was much better than my other two throws.
My next event was long jump which was fun, even do I didn’t jump as far as I expected . My first jump was a no jump because my foot went over the line on the board, my second and third jumps were better because I didn’t go over the line.
When we had finished long jump, we went onto 200m, which everyone was nervous for. I came 2nd in my heat and I was too slow to get a ribbon, because it was  judge on time to placings.
Once we had finished our 200m heats we had a big break to cool down and get something to eat and drink. In that time all the year 8’s hung out and watch the high jump. One funny thing that happened was that I gave my sister $2 to buy some food and she goes and buys 20 lollipops. When the break had finished we did the 100m, it was an annoying because I got put in the group with all the super fast people and I came last in that. 
After that we had the relays. In the relays the girls in totara came 2nd and the boys came last because we dropped the baton and that was annoying, and then athletics day ended

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