Monday, 9 November 2015


(because sunday was boring)

Monday -
On Monday at 12am on the 03/11/15 it was an ordinary day for me but better I got to sleep in my comfortable bed until twelve then I awoke with a loud BANG CRASH CLICK. Just as the noise finished my body wouldn't go back to sleep so I slipped into my slippers and my chucked on jumper and went to see what all the fuss was about and right before my eyes was my 15 year old sister cooking lunch and my 4 year old brother washing the dishes but not literally he was putting his hand in the warm bubbly water while everyone else was sitting at the table waiting for their food to arrive and honestly I couldn't even  get out of the chaos without one person telling me what to do and considering i'm me I have to do whatever anyone wants me to do anything especially elders. For the rest of the day I just slept because tuesday was when all the fun was happening but I had been sleeping too early so at night time i basically stayed up until 3:21 then I fell asleep until I woke up with major bags under my eyes but that didn’t stop me from going out.

Tuesday -
Tuesday 04/11/15 we all went out to manakau to go shopping but honestly it wasn’t even shopping for anyone except my mum and not to be offensive but it was the most boringest shopping that I had been to. Then we went to the food court and obviously I had to make this the best part of the day, I wanted butter chicken and a frozen coke. When I got what I wanted that's when I brought four frozen cokes but we only wanted 3 so I offered a little girl standing their with her dad and said “Would any of you guys like a frozen coke” and the little girl did and he tried to give me some money but I would never take it from a stranger especially if everyone was looking at me waiting for me to take. Once I had gotten the drinks I was off with my family eating I felt sorry for myself that I couldn’t take money from people except my family members that i'm close to. When we were ready to leave I had forgotten to ask if I could get some new shoes but better luck next time. When We all got home we had a game of Scrabble and that is one of the most boringest game I have ever played but actually when you know how to play it's actually quite fun.

Wednesday -
On the 05/11/15 it wasn’t the best day ever for my nan she had a heart failure and needed to get some rest and so I was basically her little Minion you could say for the day and plus I could never leave her to the things by herself that would just be selfishness but then my mum came out and needed me to run into the shop for her and also get us some lunch so we got some chicken and chips for all of us and ate them I guess. While they were eating I was on my mums phone because she says i'm not old enough for one I went instagram and restarted my page again and then just waited for something interesting to happen. While I was waiting I went to go watch t.v and then I fell asleep I think ? When I woke up it was really quiet like it's never quiet in my house and then when I looked out the window and saw everyone leaving and that's when I ran towards the front door and quickly tried to keep up with them and I managed to but that was a mistake that I could not forget we were going to my aunt's with so many cousins and I just sat in the car and never came out until we got home.    

Thursday -
06/11/15 we had a boys day out with me my dad and of course my little brother we were all going to watch a movie but when we arrived there were no movies that my brother like so that was a waste of time going there but we did end up going to play in the arcade and spending at least $40 and we didn't win anything except chocolates because that's the only game that's designed to pick up things unlike all the other ones and we also went to see my uncle as well as my papa just to use the wifi there though. When it was getting dark we brought some fireworks for saturday and that's the day I was looking forward to.

Friday -
On the 07/11/15 my cousins were coming over and They were kind of okay at some points but then sometimes they just didn't know when to stop and they just had to cross the limit so I had to try get them all in the room because my nana said to but every time I got one in they would always come out and that's when I put them all outside and instantly they all wanted to come back inside because so I let them not I would never let them in especially if they were as naught as thing 1 and thing too but no matter what I tried they would just keep getting out of control. When it was night time They were all in my room sleeping. Just then THey all sneak into my sister's room and I was literally annoyed because of all the noise they were making when I was trying to go to sleep so I went on my ipod and watched videos until their was no more noise coming out of those little rascals.

Saturday -
08/11/15 at 5:00am I had awoken from my aunty hearing her mumble in my ear “get ready we're going out at 7:00“ In my head I was like what the heck it 5:00 but my time was wrong like always it was actually 6:30 so I got up and started getting ready. When we were both ready we went to the mall again and watched Scorch trial in the deluxe cinemas. When it was finished we couldn’t resist but to go have some food so we both brought butter chicken. When we finished we were about to leave we saw her friend and then when she was finished talking about life I guess we went home and chilled out than our other aunty came over for just a quick visit and then she left and that was my weekend.

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