Monday, 16 November 2015


(cook Islands)

Recently I went overseas to An Island in the Cook Islands known as Rarotonga. The reason I went there was to be there for my cousin’s wedding. I had a good time there but there was so little to do. We mainly went swimming, snorkeling going out for dinner and driving in the 12 seater van or the scooters around the island.

When we arrived at Auckland international airport I was so pumped to get on the plane. Also when we got there we checked in and got our boarding passes. With the checking in finished we had lots of time to have dinner and have look around at Duty free. After we finished looking around duty free and had dinner we decided to go and wait for our plane. Within 10mins the plane had arrived and we were all set to go. We were the first people that got to go on the plane and take our seats. As everyone had taken the seats we were ready to take off. The pilot said over the mic that we were going to take off. When the plane took off we were ready for the 3 ½ hour trip to Rarotonga
When we arrived we grabbed our carry on bags and left the plane and headed through to grab our luggage. After all that we went to get our 12 seater van that we hired and headed off to Edgewater Resort.

Day 1: On day one we got up to have a tropical breakfast which the resort provided for us. There was Tropical fruits muffins toast and the breakfast menu where you had to pay for it. After breakfast we went to the local island markets. When I was there I decided to buy me a new hat to wear while I was over there and bought me lunch. As soon as we finished we decided to go around the island to sight see. There was lots of cool things to see. By the time we got back it was 2.00pm so we pretty much went swimming for the rest of the day. During that time I got sunburnt which was really sore. After a full on first day I thought be time call it and go to bed.

Day 2-3: On Sunday and Monday the whole family just wanted to chill in the pool and chat with one another. We swam literally all day till 5.00pm in the afternoon. When we finished the pool on both days we went to a restaurant called Trader jacks and the other night we had dinner at the resort.

Day 4: On tuesday we did lots of swimming again but on this day we also went around the island. The Island was filled with wonderful things to see. On our way around we stopped to grab an ice cream and a drink of water. The weather was so hot that my ice cream had to be eaten fast because it was so hot. After all that again we did more swimming.

Day 5: Wednesday was my cousin’s wedding day. As we finished getting ready the adults headed down to the bar to get a pre-drink and I got a Mocktail (A non alcoholic cocktail). As the ceremony started we saw the groomsman and the bridesmaids walk down to their places. Then the  bride walked down to see her new husband. We had the two speeches and then it was time photos. When all of that was finished we got a free mr whippy ice-cream and headed off to the Reception. When we arrived  we had some snacks and a drink. About 20mins later we had dinner and there was a cook islands performance, speeches, dance and a NZ haka. After the reception had finished it was time for us to go back to the resort.

Day 6-7: The last two days of our holiday was just to chill out, relax, swim and go out for dinner. We also went snorkeling and saw lots of awesome that we don’t usually see in NZ.

Now that my holiday had come to an end it was time to pack our things up get on the plane and go back on the 3 ½ hour flight back to NZ.

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