Monday, 9 November 2015

PSYV Camp Recount

2015 camp recount at PSYV It was an early, cold and exciting morning for the year 7 and 8’s. What we all lay down what felt like tons, was heavy bags of luggage laying down on the rock hard cement. Getting ready to load everything on the bus was just as hard as laying the heavy bags down,but with the little help of the students,parents and teachers it was all possible after all. After the long, hot and humid bus drive we had finally arrived. With a rush of excitement I raced everybody out the bus. Not caring how heavy my bags were I ran around the other side of the Peters snell camp building and on the wide wood deck dropped my bags, with a view to die for you could only dream to see what i was seeing. The wide view of the ocean and tall trees had me speechless. After settling in i felt like i was home with the warm comforting people around me,Although camp i had an awesome experience getting to talk and relate to people i don't normally hang with.

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