Monday, 9 November 2015

PSYV camp 2K15

Best Camp Ever!!!!!

“Hurry up Jorien You want to get a good seat on the bus don’t you?”,
“Yes!! definitely” as we hopped onto the bus and got greeted by the driver we were ready for the fun to begin! On the way there everyone was restless and the bus driver took a few wrong turns but finally we arrived. Everyone was eager to get out and almost instantly formed a traffic jam on the way to get their bags, as we walked around the corner I was breathless the view was amazing. 

Day 1~
The first thing we did was have a meeting about the camp do’s and don’t’s it was pretty boring but it had to be done and then the fun began! My group the Super heroes started of at rifle shooting it wasn’t my first time but I obviously still hadn’t mastered the trick we had a few others who were pretty good though. After that we walked over to the rock climbing walls they were luckily a bit more sheltered or else half of us probably would’ve fainted in the hot summer sun. We definitely had a few really good climbers in our team doing time trials or doing it on certain colours. After the rock climbing and A LOT of chanting we were ready for some food. After that we had some free time to get ready for the waterslide. You could definitely say that it was a wake up call it was FREEZING COLD!! After that all the girls were fussing about their wet hair and then the hooter went and the girls went into panic mode and sprinted outside ready for our walk around the whangaparoa area once we got down to the beach and watched the picturesque sunset everyone was preparing themselves for the ultimate challenge the burma trail.  Our group did pretty well considering the circumstances we went through quite a few screams everywhere until the end. Our first day ended on a high note with biscuits and Milo.

Day 2~
The next morning everyone was groaning saying it was too early but eventually everyone got up and got ready for the morning run. It was pretty hard going up hill then back down and straight back up again but I must admit it did wake everyone up and everyone was alive and ready to kickstart the day. We started of with the confidence course and really enjoyed it apart from the fact that mud coated the forest floor and it was slippery everywhere, after that we went up to the initiative course or in other words team building activities, our team kind of struggled on the first one but made up for it in the rest. Later on we stopped for lunch and had a really good feed of mini pizzas. But then we went to our second to last activity lucky it was a standing one cause I was stuffed, followed by the hobo stoves which was probably my least favourite. That night we had the talent shows Super heroes came 2nd and my talent show group came 1st!!

Day 3~
Today everyone woke up tired but we still had the usual training and after that everyone got ready for the best part of camp Snow Planet. Sno planet was a blast I can honestly say that everyone loved it!! Skiing was most popular and this year soo many more people went from the top it was AWESOME!!! That night we had the Y-games (different challenges and questions whoever answered the question right first would win the points for that round) and of course like always the parents won again!! My team came 4th.
Day 4~
It was finally time to leave Peter Snell we started by cleaning out all the cabins and bedrooms after that the top class challenge room 3 just won by the hairs of their chins but it was an AWESOME!! experience with friends and teachers and something i will never forget :)

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