Monday, 9 November 2015

PSYV - Amelia

Camp Recount  

‘birrring birrinig’ I awoke from my deep sleep to the familiar sound of my alarm pounding in my ear. I got up from bed and basically stumbled sleeply up the stairs to wake up my other siblings. After we all were ready and I had triple checked my bag we were in the car and off to Reremoana school.

At 8:01 AM I arrived at the school and made my way straight to the hall  where Mr Munro and Mr Fourie talked to us about a few things before we got on the bus. After a few minutes had passed after being on the bus the noise level went up and the noise of chatter filled the room around me. Most of my classmates had their booklets out and were answering the quiz Mr Fourie and Mr Munro had made for us.

After a long time of driving through twisty turns and going down many of the wrong roads we finally arrived at peter snell youth village. After arriving we had some of our packed morning tea.  We all gathered in our group lines on the patio deck facing the back of the camp and a guy named Chris from PSYV (peter snell youth village) talked to us about the rules and safety of the camp.

Next we all  made our  way to their cabins, we chose and set up our  beds. I was in cabin 7 with Ella, Summer, Pania, Megan and Lauren. Soon we had become familiar with the campsite and their cabins we sat down to eat our packed lunch. After lunch we had our first activity we gathered with our group I was in the squeaky ninja’s along with Eden,Vishay, Ella, Pania, Tristan, Zion, Callum, Xander and Luke. Our first activity was archery and I got a mini  bullseye.
After archery we moved onto our second activity which was hobo stoves where we got to make pancakes on a hobo stove. I made them with pania and our pancakes were the best within our group.
Next we had dinner and went on the waterslide. After everyone was changed we went on a beach walk to use up time until it got dark when it was dark enough we started the burma trail which was really fun and scary. After the burma trail we had some tea and biscuits and by the time that was over everyone was tired so it was lucky it was bedtime.

The next day we woke up and went on a morning run even though it was raining and after that we all got changed and ready fro breakfast. After breakfast we had some time to get ready fro the day the four  activities I had today were riffles, rock climbing, confidence course and initiative course they were really fun and interesting.

For this night the afternoon activity was the talent quest it was after dinner and the water slide which unfortunately we didn’t do because of the rain. For the talent quest you had to do two items one with your camp group and another separate one as well. For my separate one I was in a group with Pania, Lauren, Jess, Adah, Kaitlyn, Leche and Ella. None of my groups came a placing but we still did well to go on stage and perform.

The next day after breakfast we started getting ready for snowplanet. When we got there we got straight onto the ice and had our lesson. I was doing snowboarding. After our lesson we had morning tea and went back on the ice after another hour it was lunch and we went on the ice one last time before leaving.

Back at PSYV we got changed and had a little while before waterslide and dinner. After dinner we had the y games which was really fun and funny.

On Friday we did some cleaning and spent some time at the beach then sadly left PSYV personally I loved the visit and really enjoyed being at the camp. After the long drive back to Reremoana school we had some lunch and got some over the leftover lollies. On Friday we all went back home really tired.

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