Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Living in the future

Living in the future

As I step out of the time machine which took me 65 years into the future. The year was no longer 2015 it was now 2080. I looked around and noticed I was in the exact same place as I was in 2015 except everything had been upgraded and technology surrounded me everywhere I went.

All I could see was flying cars, robots, the so called “new” modern houses. I walked into a open home to see what the future homes bring to you. The lock on the house wasn’t a basic key lock, it had a passcode, hand print scanner and eye scanner. The man who took the tour showed us around the home. Everything was so futuristic. It had a robot servant, a bed that hovers in the air, a slide which took you from upstairs to downstairs and lots of other things.

When the tour finished I left the house and as soon as I took one step outside a smell came to my attention. The smell that really got to me was the fumes of flying cars that were casually cruising through the city. apart from that smell most of the place smelt clean.

I could hear people chatting away as I strolled through the new modern day streets. As I was walking down the streets I noticed that all the shops were the same as 2015 except they were really upgraded.

After that I decided it was time to go back to the year I came from. I got to the time machine and said “take me back to 2015” and immediately to 2015.

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