Monday, 9 November 2015

Guy fawkes/Rainbows end

Guy fawkes...
On Thursday the 5th of November it was Guy fawkes. We bought 3 boxes of fireworks The moon strike, demolition and bad boys those are the fireworks that we bought. After 8pm we all start to hear fireworks clashing into the skies then we start to get our fireworks ready. Boom, Bang, we started to do the fireworks. My favourite firework was called BAD BOY BANGER! and FREAKSHOW CANDLE! It was fun and cool on guy fawkes day.

Rainbows end…
On saturday the 7th of november my sisters and i went to rainbows end. As we entered Rainbows end all i could hear was people screaming everywhere around me, I felt even nervous. Then we started to walk to the stratosphere we got in line and it was our turn to go in the ride. I was scared i was backing out but my sister's forced me to go on it. When the ride was over it felt like a nightmare on the stratosphere. We were in the line for the fearfall. When we reached the top i started to regret that why did i come on this ride! I closed my eyes tight they pulled the lever and my eyes opened itself when it went down. Those two rides were the scariest rides at rainbows end. Then we left the park and went to flames to get pizza we ate pizza for dinner and it was yum.

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