Sunday, 22 November 2015

Come to my garden party

Come to the
garden party

The sun is beaming, the clouds are no where to be seen and people are walking up and down the street, today is my Garden party that I have been planning for weeks and weeks. I invited 5 of my friends and one special guest that the others don’t know about so i'm super excited.

At 10:30 Emma and Amber arrived as well as Caitlyn, later Allie and Maddie came together, everyone was ready to start the party but I wasn’t because my special guest wasn’t  here. I had no choice but to start without her because she’s not here, we had morning tea then I got a call from Leah my special guest and she missed her flight so she will be an hour late.

I tried to make the morning tea as long as possible but it ended after 30 minutes. After I put the plates in the kitchen we just sat outside doing nothing. My friends are sitting there patiently waiting for me to make a move. Finally the doorbell rang I ran to the door and said LEAH! However I  realized that it wasn’t leah it was the mailman. Then I saw a taxi pull up in my driveway behind him, the mailman was talking to me but I was totally ignoring him. A pink sandal came out of the door I saw leah’s face and screamed so loud my friends thought I was in danger and raced to the door when they saw Leah they screamed as well so the mailman just left. The reason I was excited for Leah to come, she moved houses 1 year ago and haven’t seen her since.

My garden party satreted propely we went on all day laughing and mucking around in the garden, suddinly dark clouds came over us. That doesn’t matter to us, as it poured down we carried on the garden party was the best party ever. At the end of the day we had to say goodbye to socking wet leah witch was the hardest thing of the day.

By Grace


  1. Nice Grace I really liked your writing but just to let you know theres one mistake in there.

  2. Good job Grace but you need to work on your editing.