Monday, 9 November 2015


On Tuesday morning everyone arrived at school early with their bags. As my mum dropped me off, i quickly got my bags and met Lauren and Meggan at the gate. Not long after we did the roll, we packed our heavy bags onto the bus. On the way to the camp, I sat with Lauren. We filled out our booklets along the way.

After our bus had taken us the wrong way, we finally arrived at Peter Snell Youth Village Camp. We unpacked our bags from the bus and took them around the buildings and onto the deck. We sat on the deck and listened to one of the instructors Chris. He told us about the activities and duties around the camp. Later on we started our first rotation. Our first activity was archery. On our way there we passed a massive waterslide. when we arrived at archery we were given instructions on how to use the bow and arrow. I was really bad at archery. The next activity we did was the hobo stoves. I really enjoyed the hobo stoves because I was hungry. I was Amelia’s partner. We made a lot of pancakes. We both like them.

On Wednesday we got up very early to get ready for the morning run. It was so hard because there was a lot of hills. We had breakfast after the run then got ready for the day. The breakfast was delicious. The first activity on Wednesday was the air rifles. The air rifles were my favourite activity. I hit the target on my first try. Every Time someone in our team hit the targets we yelled our chant. After the rifles, we walked straight to the rock climbing wall. I found it hard to get up the rock climbing wall because it hurt my fingers. I thought my team was supportive of everyone by cheering and encouraging each other on. After that we had the confidence course. I found it really fun but some bits were challenging. In between activities we had morning tea and lunch. Our last activity we did the initiative course. Our team cooperated really well. We had a lot of fun as well.

On Thursday I felt really excited because we got to go to Snowplanet. It was the first time for me touching snow. I had to go snowboarding. During the lessons I fell over many times. During the lessons I found out that I am a goofy foot.When I fell over it was really sore because I had no gloves on. The thing I didn’t like was that every time I got to the bottom of the hill I had to unclip one foot and then when I got back to the top I had to clip my foot back in. I quickly got the hang of it. For morning tea I had a muffin and hot chocolate. It was yum. Then everyone went back in the snow for a few more hours. We went back inside for lunch. For lunch I chose pizza. After that we went back into the snow.

On the last day we did a bid cleanup around the camp. I had to do the bathrooms. When we were finished we did the class challenge. Room 3 came first, then room 4 came second and room 2 came last. Later on we loaded the bus and drove back to school. I really enjoyed staying at Peter Snell because I learnt a lot about my team and the people in my cabin. I had so much fun and would definitely like to go again.

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