Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp Recount

2015 Camp Recount.
Day 1 :

We left the school  and started our trip to peter snell youth village for our 2015 Yr7/8 Camp. After we packed all the bags into the bus we got going to Peter snell youth village.

Once we arrived at peter snell youth village and got straight into the camp activities. Our group’s ( The Stingerz )  first activity was the confidence course and we finished that really quick and then we went to the intel course and the that was hard at first because our team we not working together, but then we started working good and completed the activity. After a quick clean up we had dinner and after dinner, we went on the burma trail, which was fun, but a lot of people were screaming for no reason, finally we finished the burma trail and had some milo and went to bed

Day 2 :

At 6.30am everyone woke and started getting ready for the morning run in the rain. Once we had done the morning run, we got ready for breakfast and then started our first activity for the day, which was archery. At archery we had a competitions to see who could get 150 points first and the boys won that. Then we did the hobo stoves and I made some good pancakes at the start, but i start make really bad one. After lunch, we did rifle shooting and we had another competition and the boys won again. Finally we did the rock wall and I only made it up halfway but that was OK of me

Day 3 :

We started of the day by being shot by Munro and Mr.Mr. Fourie with water gun and then we had breakfast. When we had finished breakfast and got ready for snow planet. once we arrived at snow planet we got a lesson teaching us how to snowboard or Ski after that we got to have free time. After an hour of free time we had lunch and it was nice, when we had finished lunch and we back on the snow, until we had to got back to PSYV and we had the y-games, which was fun and then we went to bed

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