Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp Recount

Peter Snell Youth Village

Day 1 - Arrival
I  was blasted out of bed on Tuesday morning energised and ready for the long week ahead, I had packed the day before so all i had to do was fresh'n up and then head out the door. When I arrived at school i was introduced to a scene of utter chaos, I could see bags flying and children and parents swarming around the hall like a bunch of bees swarming a huge flower, but it didn't take me long to find a place to put my bags then came the long wait for everybody to arrive and the bus to arrive. Around 9:20 the bus arrived and we started to pack all of our bags into the bus and then we started to load everyone into the bus and around 9:30 the bus departed Reremoana School. The bus ride was long and boring and the driver didn't seem to know where he was supposed to go first he took us to the wrong camp and then he missed the turn of to Whangaparaoa and started to take us to whangarei, but finally after a long boring trip we arrived at Peter Snell Youth Village. When we arrived at camp we went to the back of the deck in front of the dining room to have morning tea and then we were introduced to Chris who was one of the staff at camp and he told as about camp and about the rules and then he gave us time to set up are cabins then we had lunch and after that we got ready for our first rotation my team the squeaky ningas we had Archery, I was to excited to wait for my team and so i ran to archery as fast as i could so i could be one of the first to shoot. I had a lot of fun and i was the first person to get on the bullseye are team had lots of bullseyes and we also had some great fails. One of the best fails are team had was made by Tristen his arrow rebound of the top of the target broad up into a tree and then back in the ground below. At 3;30 we went to are next rotation which was Hobo Stoves I had no idea what it was so i was extra excited when we arrived at the rotation we were told that Hobo Stoves were tins the were heated by flame and that they were what hobos use to cook the food because they don't have a microwave. We had to get into groups of two and cook pikelets. My groups hobo stove was slow cooking so it took us extra time to cook are pikelets but they were worth the wait after the hobo stoves we went up for dinner. Chris greeted us again in the dining hall and then we told us how dinner would work and the he taught as a new grace which was more of a song, dinner today was roast beef with gravy and veggies. After dinner we were given time to get into togs and then we all headed out to the waterslide. I was the first out to the slide, so i was allowed to go first. It was so cool even thought it was only from halfway, I did it twice from halfway then tried to go from the top but missed out because we would have run out of time so i went up to my cabin brushed my teeth and got into pj’s and then into bed and lights out was at                       

Day 2 - Activities
I awoke at 6;30 to hear shouting down the hallway. I just think it is some of the other boys being silly, but was actually Mr Fourie and Mr Munro coming to give us are morning wake up call. Cold and soggy I get out of bed and get ready for the morning run. Even though I was cold I was energised and ready for the morning run, After the run we went back up to are cabins so that we could freshen up before breakfast. After breakfast we had time to get ready for are first rotation of the day. The Squeaky Ninjas first rotation of the day was Rifles which was really fun. We had to shoot at cans and see how many times we could hit the cans i wasn't as good as i thought i would have been but if i had to choose a stand out person in our time at rifles would have to be Zander he would get almost all the shoots he took. After Rifles we had Rock Climbing which I knew I would have a fun time at most of my times there was spent trying in engare everyone up the wall. We did  three things there, a normal climb and we did two challenges. I went up the black and got my team points for climbing the black and for getting the fast time going up the wall which was 22 seconds.  After the Rock Climbing Wall and lunch we had the Confidence course which was fun as well. the best parts of the Confidence course were the zipline the cargo net and the tires. the tires were also very difficult there were some people in our group who had lots of trouble getting across them. after the Confidence course we had to go straight to the initiative course which was all about teamwork. This would be a hard one for us to complete because we have trouble working together, but we did it eventually. the only problem we had was when we dropped Tristen on the ground and we also left eden to last at one of the activities but the rest was fine. The only thing i regret is when i hit my shoulder one the wood outside of the course. then we went to dinner. After dinner we had the talent show which was really cool our team line dance was cool and amusing for the students watching and my bloody mary story came out a success and scared everyone and probably gave them nightmares and i had fun. That night i had a nice sleep and was ready for snow plant the next day.

Day 3 - Snow Planet           

I woke on Thursday morning full of excitement and energy, all i wanted to do was get to snow planet and start my time on the slope. So i speed through the run and though breakfast. At 9:30 exactly the bus arrived to take us to Snow Planet. When we arrive at Snow Planet we go and get into are boots, helmets and to grab our skis and snowboards. Then we were taken out in groups for are one hour lesson, for me the lesson was only 30 minutes because the instructor saw that i knew what i was doing so he let me go for laps down the slope until morning tea. for morning tea we had muffins and hot chocolate i finished first and went back onto the snow. I had some impressive crashes at snow plant, two of them i can remember really well. In one of the crashes i severed of the mountain and hit the wall, and on the last crash i slipped on my skis and went down the slope on my hip it still hurts now. After my crashes we all came in to have lunch which was delicious, after lunch i went back to the slope and got some more crashes. But i’m happy to say that i’m all good and that i can stop and get of the elevator now. When we got back to camp we had dinner and then we got ready for the Y games. There wasn't much to say about the Y games, I just didn’t enjoy it that much and the challenges were not that fun. At the end of the Y games are group lost with 19 points to 65 which was what the parents got. At 10:30 we went to bed for the last time at camp.

Day 4 - pack up

I wake up on Friday morning knowing that i would be sleeping in my own bed and staying in my own house with my family. After a busy breakfast we start to clean up the camp and make sure it was clean as it was when we had arrived 3 days earlier. When we finish packing our stuff and cleaning the camp, we all get ready for the Top Class Event we have a bet of a bad start because Grace hurts her ankle on the morning run, but we catch up on the initiative course and then on the confidence course but it was a race to the finish. At the finish line we had to make our class number, we thought we had one but we had a couple of people sitting up so we came second. At 12:00 the started to pack the bus with our bags, at 12:20 we packed the bus and left Peter Snell Youth Village and started on our long journey back to school. When we got back to school we had lunch well we waited for our parents to come and pick as up. When my mum arrived and asked my about camp all I told her was
“ Best Time Ever “

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