Monday, 9 November 2015

camp recount

Camp recount

‘’Do you realize you're going the wrong way AGAIN!’’ 60 kids plus 2 teachers are crammed in one bus. On the 3rd of November year ⅞ from Reremoana went to peter snell youth village. On the bus the driver went the wrong way twice so we were late. When we arrived at peter's snell we got our bags we all meet Chris the manager and went over the safety briefing.

After the safety briefing we unpacked and headed over to our first activity my group was called the krew with a K. We learnt how to be… HOBOS! At the hobo stoves we cooked pancakes on a tin can with fire under it, Keegan burnt a pancake I tried to fix it but burnt the pancake even more then smoke came out of it oops.

As we sang The Krew the Krew are gonna bet you who’s gonna win it the krews gonna win it who’s gonna whip it the krews gonna whip hit ya, to the next activity which was riffles with Rob I’m  not the type of person that likes shooting but I really enjoyed it.  At dinner I was really hungry I forgot every meal we had but I know it was yum, When Mr.Fourie said we are going on the water slide everyone was jumping with excitement until we go on it. At ten it was lights out.

Day 2 was a rainy,wet and yuck day but Mr.Fourie still made us run in the rain at 7:00 in the morning. As we dried up after our run breakfast was ready, breakfast is my least favorite part of the day but I liked it. Shivering over the rock climbing wall we went over safety briefing. I started to climb it was harder than I thought It was, as I reached the top I heard my teammates yelling the chart. Next we headed over to  my favourite, confidence course it is a big course in the bush where we saw a morepork in the trees.                        
As we headed over to Initiative course we heard the superheroes trying to have a chant off I think we won.At the  Initiative course our first obstacle was to make it across the pretend laver using wood we took 19 minutes not very good. The  Initiative course was about teamwork.  The weather cleared up and the Krew made our way to Archery, Archery was really fun I liked it alot I didn’t get the bullseye but I was close.

The water slide on day 2 was much wormer we also went from the top. We took a shower then the talent show!!! My group the Krew came 3rd in our line dance and Hayley, Irza, Brooke and I did a gymnastics dance we didn’t place but nevermind.

On Thursday we went to snow plant I have snowboarded snowboarded before
so I found it easier we were on the snow for 3 hours I enjoyed it so much I wanted more time.The next day we did something called top class I fell over on the rocks while I was running but luckily it was the last day. Sadly our camp at petersnall came to an end.

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