Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp Re-count Writing

Year 7 - 8 CAMP!

I woke up in the morning getting ready for camp grabbed my bags and went to school first we did the roll call and then we lined up in our camp groups and headed to the bus it was about a 45 minute drive and the whole time we did like a little thing in our camp booklet. It was a little finding things on the way to camp. So we finally got to camp and we had morning tea and then we went onto our cabins and settled in and just had free time for about an hour and 30 minutes I was just on the trampoline the whole time.

DAY 1!
The first activity my group did was archery and I didn't do that bad at it I thought I was gonna do bad but I didn't so yay!   The next thing we did was the hobo stoves and me and Vishay failed so hard our pancakes came out so bad and some weren't even cooked but they were still yummy though. We then headed inside for lunch although I can’t quite remember what we had for lunch but I know it was yummy. After that we got ready for the water slide which was really good because it was really hot first we had to go down on the little bit of the slide twice and then we could go down the top but pretty much everyone went down the little one and waited tomorrow. Then we had dinner we had roast beef and potatoes and veggies and it was one of the best dinners i've had in awhile (not saying my mum is a bad cook) But it was VERY nice. After dinner we got ready to go for a walk down to the beach and just play while walking to the beach when we actually got to the beach me and Gabe just ran on the rocks pretending to do parkour when we couldn't do it at all. We headed back up to the camp and got ready for the burma trail we sat down in the hall for a meeting and then we headed down for the burma trail The crew was the first ones to go in the burma trail and then it was the squeaky ninjas which is the group i’m in and the crew got really scared but for my group it wasn't that scary because the crew was just screaming in front of us and we expected something to jump out so yeah.

So the second day was finally here and the first night I didn't really get that much sleep I just slept a bit funny so I kept waking up I got up and out of bed and got ready for the morning run but luckily it was a little bit wet that day and we only had to do one lap of the morning run which was good. Then we lined up in our camp groups and went inside for breakfast we had toast and a number of different cereal such as rice bubbles, corn flakes. The next activity my group did was rifles and we weren't that bad at it  me and Xander got the small paddle things which apparently is very hard so yay to us and the rest of the group. The next activity we did was rock climbing and it was hard for some people but they made it to the top which was good! I think I did alright and also Callum got up the climbing wall really fast so if you're reading this good job! The next activity was one of my favourites it was the CONFIDENCE COURSE! the first bit wasn't that hard but when you got to the tire part then it was hard but from the tires onward wasn't that hard but it was really fun though so yay. Next was the initiative course and we took a long time on the last one but we tried and it was still fun and Callum took a pretty hard fall on the walking plank which was funny. Then we had dinner I think we had chicken veggies and some other food but I can’t remember exactly but it was yum!

SO the third day I was having one of the best sleeps at camp and then all the boys got sprayed with water guns I got sprayed right in the eye and I opened my eyes and then it just got sprayed down with water and it hurt so then I hid under my sleeping bag and it worked. Then we got up for the morning run and it was really sunny that day so we had to do 2 laps of the morning run which wasn't that bad it was pretty fun though. Then we got ready for snow planet and man that was so fun at first it was kinda hard but then I got the hang of it thanks to my amazing skateboarding yay! and I did a couple of tricks as well so I was really happy to learn something else other than skateboarding so yay! Then we headed back to camp and on the way some people fell asleep and me and Gabe kinda told MR Fourie and then he woke them up so that was kinda funny hehe. Then we got back to camp and we had free time for a bit and as usual I was on the trampoline the whole time so yeah. Then we had dinner and we had lusangi nya and corn and a salad I think and it was really good. Then the pain begins we got ready for the why games and at first there were questions for the why games and the it was food challenges Vishay had to feed me snickers bar and I hate snickers but yeah other than that it was fun. When me and Xander went to bed we got 3 chocolates each for the cleanest cabin so yay.

The last day we got to sleep in until 8:00 so I thought that was good and it was awesome so yeah. For the last day we did like a massive competition against the other classes our class(RM 4) came second and RM3 came first and RM2 came third so I thought it was a fun thing to do. We then got our bags put them on the bus and headed back to school and on the way we saw a little car crash like a few cars in front of where we were. When we got to school we had lunch and a few juice boxes and then carls mum and Carl got me and they dropped me off home.

I thought that camp was really fun because of the activities there and the instructors too they are pretty fun and camp overall was a really fun experience I would totally recommend it!

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