Monday, 9 November 2015

Carrying the heavy but small mini sports bag all the way to the group of pale  luggages building up against each other. ‘HALL NOW’ screamed Mr fourie. Everyone rushed through the hall while i stood there and had a late reaction screaming in my head after. i ran towards my friends so that i didn't get left behind. The hall was full of noise and laughter, everyone was excited. A few hours later we were doing the first activities. In my group we did hobo stoves. It was so funny at first but then we started to concentrate, we were making pancakes. We   finished early so we went down to the beach to see the beautiful sight and saw a rope that was hanging down like a monkey on a tree. Nick and mikhil jump right on the rope and started to play on the sand while katie jump over and sat down to look at the vision of the beach.The next day we did air rifles it was easy when you get it because you all you have to do is to aim.   

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