Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp 2015

Camp 2015

“He has taken the wrong turn AGAIN!”  Mr Fourie says in an angry voice. There are 60 yr ⅞  students and 2 teacher stuck on one bus heading to Peter Snail youth village on the 3rd of November. When we arrived a little bit late we unpacked our bags and sat in our camp groups ( THE KREW!!!! ) We got given a safety briefing by Chris the manager. After Chris had finished talking we got ready for our first activity.

The first activity was the Hobo stoves were we learn’t to be …. HOBOS!  We then made pancake mix to cook on our tins (they didn’t taste very nice) we burnt almost all of them and smoke was going everywhere we would be really bad hobos! Anyway we walked down to the beach to have a look, it was really cool we walked back and had lunch. After lunch we had Rifles I hit 5 tins in a row! Rifles was really fun I learn’t many different ways to shoot a gun. After that we went to have afternoon tea then we had free time. After a while we had dinner for dinner we had roast beef and vegetables for dessert we have hot donuts and cream. The waterslide was open and it was compulsory it was really fun. we then had the burma trail it was really scary!! It was then lights out...zzz!

Day 2
It was 10 past 6 and we were already getting ready for the morning run and 7 sharp it was raining and everyone was still going to run even in rain coats it was not that bad. After Breakfast we had all the leftover activities we had rock climbing first (i’m afraid of heights) but I still did it anyway I climb right to the top and one with only using the pink rocks. We then had the confidence course That was one of my favorites I loved the flying fox we got to go on it so many times. Then we had the Initiative course that was not very good because we didn’t work well as a team. Next we had archery I got a bullseye and lots on the target. The girls won by like 80 points we had so much fun. We had dinner it was chicken and rice also vegetables for dessert we had ice cream and jelly. We had no waterslide because it was raining so we had an hour to get ready for the talent show. Now we had the talent show it was really cool my group The Krew came 3rd and my other group didn’t place but that doesn't matter we tried our hardest. Then it was lights out …..zzz!

Day 3
Snow planet we had done our run and were getting ready for the bus to go to snow planet I was so excited! We arrived at snow planet we got our gear on and I got my snowboard ready to go for our lesson. Snowboarding was hard and I didn’t get the hang of it right at the end of the lesson I fell on my tailbone I can tell you it was really sore! We had morning tea ( A muffin and a hot chocolate ) and then went back on the ice every time I sat down to put my snowboard on it hurt I was so sore I walked inside and sat down on the couch. We had lunch ( A hamburger ) I was still sore but I changed to skis and went back on the ice, Ella, Brooke and Leche helped me learn to ski I had so much fun. We left snowplanet to go back to camp we arrived and we had afternoon tea and free time then we had dinner we had lasagna and corn and for dessert we had apple crumble. Then the waterside I couldn't do it because of my tailbone I was so upset. The night activity was the Y games The Krew came 4. The Y games was really fun. Then it was lights out…..zzz!

Day 4
It was clean up and pack up day. We cleaned up and packed everything. After we had Top class even I was on the Initiative course. We came 2 room 3 was 1. We packed up and left on our trip home.   

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