Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp 2015!1

Camp 2015
Peter Snell Youth Village Camp

Tuesday 3rd of November. We were on the bus ready to leave for camp,in an hour or so we had arrived, we got our luggage and then Mr.Fourie told us to go and sort out our things into our cabin.Then we got into our groups and headed off, I was in the Krew and we were doing Hobo stoves first and i was partners with Summer we made really good pancakes and then our next activity was riffles and i learned how to use a gun then we had dinner and went onto the water slide which was fun and then light out.

Early in the morning at 7:00 we did our run, then we had breakfast and then we headed off rock climbing, I was doing rock climbing for the first time and I did pretty good, next activity was Confidence course was alright i couldn’t do some but it was alright,then we did the Initiative course which was a little bit hard because it took a little long but it was good and lucky last my favourite was Archery and it was girls between boys and the girls won cause I got the last winning point for the girls then it was dinner and then the water slide then after all that was the Talent Show and there was a winning group which was Jorien group and then lights out.

Early in the morning we did our run and the we had breakfast and then we were getting ready for Snowplanet and then when everyone got ready we had left for snowplanet and we were there we got a choice between snowboarding and skiing and i choose skiing it was fun then we had lunch and then we got to go back out into the snow again and I kept on slipping over but it took a while and I got the hang of it.Then it was time to go back to the campsite, we had dinner then we were just about to go onto the water slide and it started to rain so we moved onto the Y-Games it was really fun and it was my first time in the Y-Games it was so funny when Mr.Munro brought out the baby food that Grace had to eat.Then at 10.30 pm we decided to stop and then we went back to our cabin to do our journal entries and when it was 11.00pm it was lights out.

Early in the morning we had had breakfast then we we were told that we had do our camp duties ‘BAM!! Everyone got straight into it I was with Grace, Sky, Victoria and Tina, our job was to wipe all the glass windows and corridors.Then it was time to get our things out of the cabin and start loading the bus, so the bus loaded and we were in the bus ready to go.”ZOOM” we were off then an hour or so later we had arrived at camp.We unloaded the  bus and got our lunch.I had chicken wrap, it was delicious Then when at 3:00 we were free and then my dad and mum were here to pick me up they hugged me so hard and then we went home.

The End

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