Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp 2015

I woke up bright and early on Wednesday the 3rd of November. I made sure I had everything and put my bags in the car, we drove to school and my mum said bye, gave me a hug and a kiss and told me to have a good time.

We loaded everything and everyone in to the bus and cars. Our driver was Scottish and he was really grumpy.  The drive to PSYV - (Peter Snell Youth Village) was good until the driver went the wrong way and Mr Fourie got really annoyed and ended up sitting at the front of the bus giving directions. So we ended up going on a 'Scenic' route.

We arrived at PSYV and went and set up our cabins, I was in a cabin with ; Lauren, Pania, Amelia, Summer and Ella. After we had set up we started our fist rotation. My group was called the Stingerz - Theane', Mitchell, Olivia, Hayley, Adah, Sam, Finley, Luke M and Flynn. We started at the Confidence Course. I found it really hard and had to miss a few things out. When we finished the Confidence Course, we moved on to the Initiative Course .

The Initiative Course is where I first hurt myself; I was walking down the seesaw thing and KABOOM there I went, I had a really sore back, cut knee but I was having a laughing fit. Then I had another 'painful' experience getting stuck in a tyre.

The next day we had archery which I sucked at and was so close to getting a bullseye and then I failed. Our next activity was Hobo Stoves and I was a pro at it. After that we did Rifles and I was pretty good at it. We also did Rock Climbing which I sucked at. 

In our free time we did the waterslide, went for beach walks, and just had lots of fun. We even went to Snow planet and the food was amazing!

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