Monday, 9 November 2015

Camp 2015 - Gabe


Tuesday 3rd november
“RIGHT YOU PANSIES!!” “Go and put your bags into the bus so we can leave quickly” exclaimed Mr. Fourie, so everyone still not awake wanders over to the bus to put their bags down, 15 minutes later the bus driver comes in to say that it’s all good to come on the bus.
Many squished people later we started out 2 & ½ hr journey to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village).

After 2 & ½ hours later we finally arrived to PSYV to find one of the most amazing views I have ever seen, we were then shown to our dorms/cabins to decide who’s sleeping on what bunk. Next was the first two activities for the Day, in my groups case we had Rock climbing. Although the harnesses were pretty uncomfortable it makes up for the amount of fun it is and the sense of achievement when you reach the tippity top of the rock climbing wall.

The next activity was the confidence course the free runner's paradise, with logs to slide across and flying foxes to cargo nets it was one of the best activities there was by far.

Wednesday 4th November  
With a huff and puff we were all slowly starting to go up the hill for the 7:00 am morning run through the burma trail and back up the hill to the cottage for breakfast. We were then called to get into our groups to get ready for the next 4 activities, which were initiative course, archery, hobo stoves and rifles.
The initiative course was challenging considering we were a pretty odd bunch. Also the archery was a bit challenging for some people either because they can’t aim or ya they just can’t. The hobo stoves were by the beach front in the bush, also they were quite the experience in other words they were a bit disgusting. The air Rifles taught me something don't trust Milo with any Gun in any shape or form.

Thursday 5th November
Today is the day some of us go to snow planet for the first time, boy was it an experience half the time I was falling over or failing pretty badly I got a few bruises that are decently sized. I think the best fail by far goes to…  Callum who went from the top of the slope and went full speed only to turn the wrong way and smash into the wall whilst almost taking out NIck.

Friday 6th November
Today was the end of camp and time to go home.The ‘big’ clean up was probably the fastest thing that most of the boys have done by far we, started at a roundabout 9:00 and finished at 10:15. THe next thing to happen was top class event which is where the 3 classes compete to see who is top class, in a nutshell what happens is 4 runners run the morning run and one of those four runs to all the events and tags those people doing those events so they can start.
1st Rm 3 just 2nd Rm 4 and 3rd if you will Rm 2.

Thank you to all the teachers and Parents who went along

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