Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics day!!

Athletics day

“RING, RING” The alarm on my phone went off at 6:00, I tidy up my bed and did what i was suppose to do.Then 8:00 at school, I was walking around I found Mrs Van zyl and Theane ’, Theane’ cut out some ribbon put in my hair then we went over to room 3 to see Jorien then when it got closer to 8:30 2 more people came and then when it was 8:40 Jorien took the roll.We all line up in our age groups and then we were on the bus to Massey park, Papakura.I was in the 12 year old girls, our first event was high jump, i didn’t really make it into the top 3 but I landed on the bar really and now my hip hurts.Then we did 1500 metres, I came 3 to last,then we had 200m and I came 3 to last,then we had discus and I came 3rd and i got a ribbon, I was so happy.Then we did long jump i did really bad and shot put on my second turn, I threw it but it slipped out of my hand.Then it was the 100m but I didn’t do it because of my hip it was really sore and last of all was the relay, girls was first and last was boys, then we headed back to school and everyone was happy and everyone went home.Image result for athletics  logo

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