Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics Day - Victoria

Our athletics day started off with the sun out, shining bright, ready for our skin to burn. We all sat down waiting for our names to be called out then to just walk and sit down on the bus. Narrowly missing the curbs, we made our way to Massey Park Stadium.

Beginning with a briefing, our first event was the 1500m. Knowing we had discus straight after, I decided not to do the 4 lapped event. Cheering my best friends on while throwing the discus was how my first event went.

An hour later, we had long jump and the 200m. Jumping three times, my toes being what they call ‘marshmallow toes’, two of my jumps ended up being DQ’s. Scoring under 3m which was a disappointment, we headed over to the track. I ran with seven other girls and came 5th which is okay for the 200m heat. Something I’m not too proud about is slowing down on the last 100m after getting a blood blister from the track. Ow.

Next up was Shot put, the event I hoped to get a ribbon for. This was, by far, my worst event ever. Usually throwing 7.3m, I threw 6.62m. I was massively disappointed in myself. Walking away with a 5th place ribbon (THERE IS NO RIBBON FOR 5TH) we walked over to the high jump. Not wanting a sore back, I backed out of another event. What a day it is so far!

My last event for today was the 100m. After the rest of my events, I was determined to show everyone what I’m capable of. Half way down the track, I was coming second then I saw three other girls coming up to my speed. My pants were starting to fall down but that didn’t stop me. I pushed my arms faster which made me speed up and before I knew it, I was nearly at the finish line. Me and Jani were sprinting and as soon as I hit the finish line, we both lunged forwards. Running my most favorable race ever, I had come third.

This year's athletics day was not so successful coming out of the stadium without any ribbons but with memories. Walking away with nothing but a blistered toe and sore arms, my family and I headed down to get some McDonalds watching the school bus head back to school.

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