Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics day recount

Athletics Day

I woke up on friday morning excited and ready for the fun filled day ahead. I arrived at school 20 minutes early, so i had time to spare. After 20 minutes of play I hurried inside to get my name ticked so i could get seated outside ready to get on the bus to Massey Park. We were finished quickly so we got to go in one of the first buses. The trip to massey park was loud and boring and all i wanted to do was get out. When the doors of the bus opened the terrible thought of coming last in all the track events hit my like a bullet in the brain. Even though i was bit scared about the outcome of the day the excitement of doing well and having fun propelled me towards my goal.

Sweat was dripping from my hair and my legs were shaking as the 12 year old lined up at the starting line. I waited tensely for what could have been a minute and then without warning the starting gun was fired and the race began. I pushed my leg to the extreme so that i could start of with a good place. I overtook severely people which was really surprising for me and proply the people i passed as well. I was taking my time and only sprinting when i needed to. The end of the race was exciting it was a great sprint to the finish. I was happy with my end result i finished in 5th place.

High Jump                     
My heart was pumping as i approached the High jump bar with my eyes firmly locked on the bar i jump, I get halfway over then i knock the bar with my ankle and then it tumbles off its hinges and i land on the mattress. I can't seem get over the starting height which i thought was 1.05 but it was actually 1.10. I wasn't disappointed about not jumping the starting height. I was happy that some of the kids in my group made it to 1.19. I hope i can jump higher next year.
200 meters
My head was aching and my legs were shaking as the starting gun was fired and the race began. I had an early lead but fell back quickly and when I tried to catch the pack but failed to do so in the time that i had so i ended up finishing in 5th place. I was happy to have not come last but i would have liked to come 4th or 3rd. So I will have to work harder next year.

It was my through at discus and the discus was 25g heavier than the discus I usually use but i still through a good first throw. I felt sad for the member in my team that had no throws. I was happy to have made it into the top ten but i’m disappointed that i didn’t get 5th place but i had fun seeing how could some of my teammates were at discus. Ryan nearly beat the school record. I throw 17.65

Long Jump             
My legs were aching as i sprinted up the path to the jumping pad and then jumped as far as i could then came out of the pit with a distance of 2.22 meters. It could have been better but my leg was a bit rusty. On my second jump i jumped way of the point and got a no jump, this was disappointing but i knew i could have done better. So on the third jump i but a lot of power into it and got a distance of 2.63 even though my distance was good for me there were people with jumps way higher than i could have jumped.

Shot Put
I bent down ready to blast the shot put out of my hand and get a good place. Well that's what i wanted to happen but this would just be a dream in my mind because this didn't happen i must have come 10th or 6th. But all I have to work on next year is my strategy because the one i do at the moment is a bit difficult and takes to long to do. Lets hope next year i get a bit stronger and a bit more talented at shot put.

100 meters
My head is thumping and my legs are aching but whatever i come has a big impact on me because my dad was watching. I ran as fast as i possible could but i still only came 5th and my dad was a bit upset that i didn't get a better place and he said that my posture was paid and i shouldn't have had my hat in my hand because it slowed me down. Now i know for next year and i could go faster.
The Relays were fun to watch but i was disappointed that kowhai didn't win but i’m happy that kowhai boys came third and kowhai girls came fourth. I had a good day at athletics but i wish that I had had a better day put i had lots and lots of fun.   

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