Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics Day 2015

I woke up tired and grumpy. I put on my exercise pants and blue shirt. I tied my hair into a pony tail and added a blue ribbon to it. My mum quickly added some blue face paint and we headed out the door. 

We arrived at school and Jorien took the roll. Then we lined up in our age groups. I lined up at the back of the 13 year old girls line. We were the first group to get in the bus and the first to get to Massey Park. 

Our first events were Discus and 1500 at 10:15am. I chose to do Discus and didn't put enough power in to my throws so I didn't do very well. After Discus we had Long Jump, every time it was my turn I wouldn't jump in the sand - I would jump on the board then back on the board then on the sand. I failed really bad.

Our next event was 200m which was split in to two heats in was in the first heat and I didn't do very well. (I came last). The next event we had was Shot Put. I was really tired and sore by the time we got to this event and wasn't angry enough to push it out far enough.

We had about a 5 minute break and then we had High Jump. I decided to not do this one because I find it difficult to do this one. So while everyone else was jumping, I was relaxing on the side.

Our last event of the day besides relays was 100m which again I came last in. The Kauri team came 3rd in the girls relays as well!

Then we headed back to school and were aloud to go home.

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