Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics day 2015

   Athletics day

On your marks, set bang! On friday 13 of November Reremoana school had an athletics day in Massey park, Papakura. The whole school lined up in there age groups and then hopped on the bus. My first event was high jump. I came second and was proud of myself because last year I came 5th and couldn’t jump 1m, but this year I jumped 1.17m a new pb for me.

As the 12 year old's headed over to 1500m I felt a little nervous but less than usual. The boys and girls had to run together, I came first out of the boys and girls, long distance is clearly my thing.

We walked back to the grand stand I smelt the yummy smell of sausages we had a 2 hour break before 200m so I had to get a sausage. 200m came up my tummy was hollow and I was nervous because i'm definitely not a sprinter. As I seted up my blocks I thought of everything I need to do, Then I heard on your marks set… and we were off in the end I came 2nd.

All of us were tired and out of breath. We had half an hour before discus, I think that discus is my best field event I threw 16.43m and Leche threw 19.88m the school record is 21.44m. Overall I came 2nd which I saw coming.

I threw my spikes on and ran over to long jump i’m not that good at long jump but I enjoy it, I jumped 3.04 I came 2nd again but I actually didn’t think I could place.

We all walked over to my least favourite event shot put, I haven’t got any muscles I can’t even lift the shot put up with out making a sound! Shot put is the only event that I didn’t place but that's all right.Our last event was 100m I came 2nd and ran my 100m in 15.18 seconds.

The athletics day came to an end with the relay totara girls came 2nd and totara boys came 4th, what I really wanted in the athletics day is 1 more long distance race we had 2 short and 1 long so It can even it out.

A special thanks to all parents and  teachers for making the day possible.

By Grace

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