Monday, 9 November 2015

2015 CAMP

Day 1
On the 3rd of November we were on the bus heading towards camp it took ages because our dam bus driver got lost and then took the wrong route.My team (The Stingerz) Theane, Luke.m, Meggan, Adah, Hayley, Finley, Flynn and myself our first avtivity was the confidince course then it was the initiative course that was the trickeistthing out of all of them. Then one of the scariest things happend at night we had to do the BOOMER TRAIL I was scared heaps cause you could literally couldn’t see anything at all it was just pitch black. At night we had some milo then went to bed at 10:30 it was lights out.
Day 2:
Ahhhhhh i’m soaked dam teachers they soaked me with the water guns everyone got soaked in my cabin.When we went to breakfast I had the best breakfast ever PORRIDGE with yoghurt and apple it was devine. After breakfast my group had to do Archery, Hobostoves,Rifles and rockclimbing all of them I was good at all of them i think except for rockclimbing cause some pain just came through my leg and it hurt quite alot.
Day 3
6:30 in the morning i woke up getting ready early for the run and SNOWPLANET when the bus came we all jumped on the bus and were all ready for snowplanet when we arrived we went straight to the room to get our things on and get ready for snowboarding. When we went out in the snow i had no gloves but then i got some then i wasn’t freezing cold anymore cause i had some gloves on. We had a hour lesson then  for the rest of the day we had free time it was fun.
Day 4
I woke up and i packed up for going home but before we went home we went to the beach for a walk along the beach Nick found a massive crab we went for about 30mins then we had to go back up the hill to the camp site and thank the people who helped us at camp then the bus man arrived then we all got on the bus and headed home  to school and that was one of the best times i’ve ever had in my life with school.

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