Wednesday, 16 September 2015


On one saturday morning the sun was out the birds were chirping and that's when I figured today just me and my aunty go shopping so I rushed down stairs to awaken my aunty but she just couldn't wake up so I waited around 12 to 1.30 to wake her up but then everyone was awake so then we all went to manukau and went shopping and to be completely honest at least we were getting out of the house. When we arrived we all went to go get a feed so my mum got sushi, my dad got butter chicken as well as my aunty and brother and then me and my sister we just got burger king. When we were all finished we had a look around the mall to look for some clothes but then we all just ended up going to the arcade in the movies and just chilling out there until we saw Ashleigh and Chloe while I was getting Viki her late birthday present and then when everyone was finished we went in the car and then my mum gave me and my sister $20 each and we went straight to the arcade again and wasted it since we had nothing better to spend it on and then when we made it rain on the games it was time to go home that was a good fun day.

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