Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount writing

My best holiday 

My favourite Holiday would have to be when me and my family went to Te kaha for a week. we went past Tauranga, whakatane,Opotiki, Rotorua and lots of other cool places.

The best two things we did was hunting and fishing. When we went Hunting we saw one deer in the mountain but didn't shoot it because it was behind the tree's, The hunt lasted from seven at night to five thirty in the morning and we didn't shoot anything but it was still fun.

When we went fishing we got up at five in the morning and went to the mouth of the kereru river and that's where I caught my first fish a Kahawai. The other day's were too rough to go fishing so we just went swimming in the kereru river. THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY.

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