Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount Writing - Sam's Birthday

A couple months ago, I went to Sams birthday to jump. I got to his house and i was the only one that was there. We left about an hour later with Griffin, Vishay and Sams sisters and we watched a movie on the way there. Me and Griffin, the tallest and biggest of everyone, we had to sit in the back where it was really squashed snd we could barley move.

When we arrived, we were suppossed to get 2 hours but we got 3 instead so that was a bonus! We made our way inside and we all went straight to the dodgeball pit. Me and Sam got on the same team and Vishay was on the other team. We tried to get everyone else out and leave Vishay for last, but i dived to Save Sam so i got hit in the nuts but do you know who by? VISHAY! Afer hat, it was a 1v1 vs Sam and Vishay. Sam jumped up off the wall and he through a ball at Vishay and he got hiem!

We all went back to Sams house and had Carls Jr. We had a race to see who could eat a burger the fastest snd me and Griffin were neck and neck but i gave up. I ate so much food that i nearly threw up on his couch.

It was a good day for all of us!  

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