Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount writing - Gabe

My favourite BIrthday

My favourite birthday party takes place at Jump New Zealand's first indoor trampoline park for Lukes 12 birthday.

We had finally arrived after a 45min ride to Jump, me, luke, Zion and Nathan were all so excited we raced out the car into the foray and very impatiently waited for Luke and Nathans Mum to get into the foray and give us clearance to go into the park and bounce till our heart's content.

The first part of the park we went on was the slam dunk Trampoline, this trampoline had a basketball hoop at the end of it for the customers to dunk with style by doing 360’s and any other way you can dunk the hoop. The next part we went on was the wall to be able to go on this wall you will need to be able to comfortably land either a Front or Backflip. Me and my friends being the people we are we do this with ease and go onto the wall and sit up there for a bit of a break

The next Part was the free running area a version of parkour that typically places greater emphasis on acrobatic techniques and self-expression. ), the free running area has the entire floor basically carpeted with Trampolines this part also has a bright yellow block you could say with half a trampoline on it going up one side of the block. Another part of the park is probably the most used part of the park the dodgeball area this is dodgeball with a twist the floor are trampolines it’s not much of twist but it is by far the most used part.

That was my favourite birthday I have been to.

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