Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount writing - athletics day

  About 4 years ago I went to the athletics day and it was the best athletics carnival ever because I came 1st in long jump, 2nd in high jump, just and 2nd in 100M sprints. So it all started at school the day the athletics day was here I was pumped that day most of the school got on all the buses and head off to the athletics day woohoo!  We got there and we got set up in our groups I was on the low set of stairs because I was only 9(Year4) the first event wasn't for a long time well my first event anyway. I think I remember my first event I think it was long jump The long jump was so fun. It was me and Reuben he would jump further then I would but luckily I came first just as well my score I think was 3.97 or 3.94.

The next event I had was high jump and man that was my most favourite event that year so we all lined up for high jump I was on the right side. We all had our first couple of jumps every jump people got out one by one the last couple of people were there. I believe it was me, Reuben, David and Teia. The first person to get out, out of us was David then Teia then me but I got one more chance then mad it then we were on the last one we both failed at 1.15 but Reuben one because I failed the one before it. Great job Reuben!

On of my most favourite events and my last event 100M sprint I was so nervous when we were lining up my heart was racing 3...2...1... BOOM! the gun went off and I started to sprint like there was no tomorrow Reuben was in front of me  for about 2 - 3 seconds I ran in front of Reuben and I won yay! but the race goes in time not whoever comes first so I came second still good though but next time ill be determined to win.

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