Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount - Victoria

Australia 2012  *Unaccompanied minors

It was my tenth birthday and my Aunty agreed to let me stay in Australia for two weeks. It was going to be Me, My Aunt Teena and Uncle Andy and then my cousin Kyle for one week.

From what I can remember, traveling over there was a big fuss. We had to talk to the Air Hostess that would take me to the plane then hand me over to the other Air Hostess once I’m in Australia. She thought that my Mother would pick me up from Australia and it just got messy.
There were also four other *UMS, Two of which were a Brother (16) and a Sister (14), a little Boy (8) and two American Teenagers, Boy and Girl / Both 14).

After a three hour plane ride, I got off in Sydney, Australia. My Aunty took forever to pick me up then we headed for Maccas. I can’t remember this day exactly but I recall us getting into a car crash then my Uncle picking us up.
The first week was just me and Aunt Teeny. Being the typical ten year old I was, I was in love with Moshi Monsters. I brought figurines, soft toys, pencil cases, stationary and tattoos of Moshi Monster characters. I would walk around one of the biggest shopping malls in Sydney holding a damn soft toy! We even stopped at Lindt Cafe and it was the best hot chocolate I have ever had! (They gave you a mug full of chocolate and I literally drank half of it!)

We also went searching for bargains at the Chinese Markets near China Town. There was your typical and cheap iPhone case, Soft Toys and Clothes. We stopped by the front of China Town and brought one of the best Cream Puff Balls on earth!

The first week flew by fast and Kyle was already in the house. We went to the Power House Museum where we just played on all the attractions like the original arcade game PacMan!

We visited a swimming pool which my Uncles Brother had designed the decorations. The funny thing is, the first ten minutes we were there a little kid pooped in the pool! I also swam in the middle of winter in my Aunts unheated pool! Typical Maori!

Another one of my adventures included me going to one of Sydney's only theme parks Luna Park. My two others cousins also came Ryan (10) and Jordan (15). One of the best times of my life!

And to end one of the best birthdays ever, we went to Bondi Beach. Since it was in the middle of winter, there was an ice skating rink and that's where we spent our last day.

Australia that year was amazing! I had one of the most exciting birthday parties where everyday I would experience something new, meet up with old family relatives, shop at the best shopping malls and spend my tenth birthday with the best family on earth!

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