Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recount- Hoilday

My cousin and i wanted to make a pool near my nan’s house. Because she had a lake near her house, so we gathered some wood and got ready. First we were diggin  the dirt to make it more deeper and block water coming in. We grab buckets to fill it up and made a side all the down.

We stayed in there until late maybe 9:00 because it was warm, we shouldn't of called it a spa than a pool. we played lots of games and that was the best Holiday i ever had.

But it was too small so we so the next day we went to a big lake where the water was cold but soft and smooth and find one of the biggest spider we saw live.  

We went back and played in our pool then when it was dark my cousin told us that it was time to decorate cupcakes. I made three all of mine were ugly because all i wanted to do was to put lots of icing and to eat it.

Then the next day we had to clean my koro’s mum and dad’s house because no one lived in there any more it took us one whole day, but were glad that we were finished

Thats was my best holiday.

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