Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Orua Bay

Orua Bay
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It was 9 in the morning the car got packed with our tent and food (etc), we left the house at 10 and started the 1 -1.30 hour drive. We arrived around 11.30. (At Orua bay you can’t set up camp until 12) So we spent 30 minutes on the beach playing cricket and t-ball.
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Once we set up we had lunch and went for a swim it was warm but went cold, we played in the creek. The next day Kaitlyn and Jordan came to stay with us for a couple of days. We showed them around and had lunch, we also played board games. We all went down to the beach and made a gigantic trench so the water could fill it up and we could have a mini cold spa. Just outside of the ‘spa’ we built 2 armchairs to dip our feet in, it was surprisingly very comfy, I almost fell asleep in it. We went to the tennis courts twice and I bet everyone but my Dad, between Kaitlyn and I, I won by one point! When we got back we went to the beach and had ice cream and swam out far in the sea.

We all had so much fun! We went home after a couple of day.

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