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My Time in Rarotonga

My Time in Rarotonga

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  My family had decided to go on a trip to Rarotonga, we had been packing all morning and all afternoon on the day of the travels so we did not have time to muck around when the time came to get in the car and go to Rarotonga. We were on the plane at 5 pm that night and we got to are hotel in Rarotonga well past both me and my brothers bed time. 

The next day early in the morning my mum took us down to the breakfast buffet were we had breakfast. As we were eating my mum told as that we would be going to a kids club for the day, she also told as that we would be going there for most of the week. At first me and Finn thought that it would be boring and that it would be like school, but we were wrong it was actually a really cool place were we could do what ever we wanted and we could also do a huge range of really cool activity's like fishing, snorkelling, swimming. They were only three of the things we were allowed to do at the kids club. 

On the third day of our stay in Rarotonga we went to a place that would literately blow your mind it was a place called black rock. Black rock was a huge rock that toward high above the sea, it was a tourist destination for one reason it was a giant diving board if you were brave enough you could climb to the top and jump of into the cool water below. There are only a couple of hazards on the beach and at Black rock, there are stray dogs running around and there are there are whirlpools in the water. On that night my parents went out for a fancy dinner and they got as a babysitter that did a pretty bad job if you had to ask me all she did was sleep and she left us to do what ever we wanted to do. 

The next day we went into the city to get  two rental motorbikes so that we could get around quicker, The problem with this was that we were to young to go on the front of the bike so mum and my dad had to strap us to the back of them with so we did not fall of the back and die. My brother made the bike ride funny because whenever the engine of the bike started up he would fall a sleep and this is something that still happens with my brother from time to time, even though it happened over 5 years ago

On the Thursday morning he packed up our suitcases, returned or motorbikes and signed out of the hotel. Me and Finn also had to say goodbye to the kids club's.
This was harder then you would think because we had made so many new friends and my brother would not get of one of the computer games. After we got my brother of the game we rushed of to the airport got in the plan and had a smooth relaxing trip back to Auckland,  it was 6 pm when we finally got home and me and Finn were starving mostly because we resisted to eat the food on the plane because it was gross. 

The next day was a Friday and I had school, but I felt happy because I could see my mates again and also show them pictures from the trip and the diary that I wrote in every day on the holiday. They really enjoyed the stories I told and when they asked if I would go again, I answered yeah! I haven't been able to go back to Rarotonga, but I might go there again real soon.    

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