Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My favorite holiday!

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My Amazing Holiday

The day had come I was going on a plane for the first time we were flying in to Brisbane and then we drove to the Gold Coast! We had to wait for my Nana and Popa to arrive when they drove into the driveway I was buzzing with excitement. At 1.30 our shuttle came to take us to the airport. We had to be there 3 hours before our flight which left at 5.30. We found a little spot to sit down in and we got something to eat ( New Zealand airport is way better than Australia's airport ) when went through customs and sat in the boarding lounge. We waited for the assistants to call out “ all people in E”  when they called our letter I was more excited than ever. when we were walking down the tube I found myself in front of everyone "well dad was walking extremely slow"!

When I stepped on to the plane I tripped over my own feet, I was so embarrassed! By that time my dad and mum had caught up to us. We found our seats and I got to have the window seat first and Jordan got to sit by the window seat when there the flight was half way though. The plane food was yuck! The landing was horrible my ears were popping and we ran out of lollies. When we landed it was dark and I was tired. We got off the plane and went through customs, got our bags and we were off. On our way to Mantra Wings (our motel), But of course we got lost!
Image result for mantra wings gold coastImage result for mantra wings ( but it didn’t help that there was 9 different hotels that had the name Mantra around where we were staying)  but anyway we got to the Gold Coast and found our Motel.

 Our apartment was on the 13th floor and it was really Cool! The pool was really big and heated there was a spa pool too! Jordan and I went in the pool almost every day. When we look out of the window we had a amazing view it.

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Day 1
We went to the supermarket and went to wet and wild.
It was a cold day and we didn't go on much rides. But we had super passes so we could go as much as we wanted. We went back to wet and wild on our 2 to last day and we went on the tornado, super 8 aqua racers , Side winder , river rapids, Black hole and we went in the wave pool.
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Day 2
We went to Movie world. My family does not really like rides so we went on two and then looked around. We went on the scooby doo coaster and wild west falls My mum and I got really wet so we had to go in a people drier.
After that we went in to the Roxy theater were we watched a clip of Rio 2, the chairs rocked and water sprayed it was really good.
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Day 3
We went to Sea world Jordan and I were very excited because we were going to swim with dolphins! We had to go in and get wet suits and life jacket. We put on our wist bands and we found where we were swimming. We had a big lecture and then we got to go in to the pool in was cold. The dolphin name was Sirus he has been in different movies like dolphin tail and more. Our lesson was 1 hour long and we got to feed him. We watched the dolphin show and seal show and then we went home to go for a swim.
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Day 4
We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and I got to hold a Koala his name was Walter he was smelly and heavy he liked big cuddles. I got to pat Kangaroos and one of them had a baby joey. Jordan touched a Emu. We watched the crocodile show the crocodiles can jump very high. 
We walked around and then we went home.
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Day 5
We went to Australia zoo home of the crocodile hunter we had a good time in the zoo we went to Bindi's tree house and walked around everywhere then went to find our new hotel because we were leaving to go back home.

Home time
We had to wake up at 4:30am to get ready for our flight at 8am we went to the airport had breakfast and flew home this holiday will always be very important to me.

My Amazing Holiday!
By Kaitlyn.

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