Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Grace's Recount writting

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Back in 2014,April my whole family went to Monkey Mia in Australia. We flew from Auckland all the way to Perth we spent a couple of nights in Perth and rented a 4 wheel drive. From there we headed up Monkey mia a 24 hour drive! We did 12 hours drive each day the road didn't have any turns it was all straight.

When we were about half way my Dad went the wrong way so we ended up at a place called wave kill beach with huge waves, we drove right along the road and found a bay it was so clear blue it was amazing I took a dive into the water and saw all these tropical fish. My favorite part of snorkeling was we went deeper and deeper and my brother and dad swam over a HUGE octopus. They called my Mum and I to have a look my brother was chasing it and the Octopus grabbed my brothers flipper but finally let go of it.My family all went snorkiling down the depper end we saw Morays and even flowders my Mum doesn't like not being able to touch the ground. So when when saw the flounder my mum was stomping on the ground right next to the flounder saying where's the flounder where's the flounder because she was afraid. 

The next day we arrived in Monkey Mia we saw poop everywhere and was wondering where it was from. Later that day we went for a swim with palcons dolphins and fish then I saw emus there were about 9 of them they are the ones that poop everywhere! The next day for breakfast I had a fruit salad I was cutting them outside totally forgetting that there are emus around. I felt something tickling my neck and then I see a emu stealing my apples! The next day was my favorite of all times we went right across to some place called shark bay we went fishing my dad went out into the water and two fins came towards us dad was crying in the inside it's called shark bay so we expected sharks but it was a dolphin and a cub. That day was my favourite ever!
A couple of days later we were back on the road and headed home.