Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Amelia's recount

      Grandma and Poppa's 50th 

I was awake early that morning because I got woken up. I had many things that I needed to help my family with that day.
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 First I had to go get some firewood from our shed and then after that I got ready for the day. After everyone had properly woken up and gotten ready we started getting ready for the anniversary. Me and my dad started getting ready by creating our patio into a place that everyone can sit and socialize in. We started by setting up the tables we put the table cloths on them and put 7  chairs around each one. After that I swept the ground around the tables thinking that I should have done it before we put the tables down. Later after my family had finished doing their jobs the party was ready to start at 2 pm.

Not long after that people started arriving and by about 4:30 all the guest had arrived. It was a bit weird because I few people I thought I had seen before came up to me and told me how much I'd grown. There was a long time that people caught up with each other and talked to one another. During that time my sister Charlotte, her friend Georgia, me and my cousin Paris were getting everyone drinks. I also took some photos of the guests. Around 5:30 the dinner arrived and after everyone had gotten some food and eaten a little bit my dad and uncle did a speech and after offering anyone else to come up and speak two other people that I didn't know came up to speak. A little while after the speech everyone had dessert and nothing special happened after that. 

When it got late all of the kids (including me) went around the campfire and we roasted marshmallows. Soon people started leaving and eventually the only guest who were left was my uncle, his partner and my cousin Paris. They stayed till late and we didn't do much while they were there except eat all of the leftover food. The night was a success and we just had a lot of tidying to do the next day.

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