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Short Narrative - Amelia

Alexis and the golden sword

During 800 Bc  in a the village in the Athens, there lived a heroic princess named Alexis. She was well known throughout the whole city of Athens but lived behind a small village in the middle of the city. She was by far the most beautiful woman in the village with her curly black hair falling long past her shoulders and her sparkly green eyes . As she was the only known child of the Eldest rulers she had rightful ownership to the golden sword, a treasured weapon which was usually passed down to the eldest son.

One day Alexis was outside of her palace in a secret lair she once used to admire the beauty of the sword. Until the King and Queen commanded that she must learn how to fight. She for once had a free day and she used her time to go to the village. She took her sword with her as Father (king) commanded.  The was a vain young villager named Vader who looked at himself as the best and the handsomest. He saw the sword and decided that it must be his, he would be truly honored  if people saw him with it. That night Vadar  crept into the backyard of the palace and found that the lair was guarded. his determines made him strong and he fought the guards to their death. He grabbed the sword and decide tomorrow would be the day of his honor.

The next morning Alexis realized her sword was missing and her guards were dead. Immediately she sent everyone she knew on a mission to find the sword. Eventually after the whole of the village had been sent lock down and horse carriages crashed and broken, Vadar had been found. Alexis had now a lot in her hands a thief and murder, a criminal. First she was going to kill him but then she decided to just torture him in a way she knew would scare him forever. She ordered her maid to cover a dungeon room with mirrors and then put him in the room. He seemed very pleased he would spend the rest of his life being able to look at his ‘handsome’ face until Alexis walked in the sword in her hand. She placed it to his heart and murmured some potion and suddenly he turned into an old man with wrinkles and ragged clothes.

After that day everyone in the village knew to never be vain and selfish again. They all learned a very valuable lesson that day. The story of Alexis and Vadar was told to children and grandchildren throughout the whole of Athens to remind everyone of how vainess and selfishness gets you nowhere. The Palace was visited daily after Alexis's death many years after. And even then you could see the dirty mirriors in the dungeon room

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Character description - Guess that character (in the comments)

His long ears end with a point, with a staff generally in his left hand he deflects what is coming. He speaks with wisdom in all that he knows, As short as he is he fights with might and power.

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Narrative writing

Image result for vongola symbolThe email
Sounds of people chatting and footsteps in the mall screamed, in  Henry’s ears as he waited for his partner. Henry had an dangerous aura around him. With his mismatched eyes, black as night hair and pale white skin. He wore black clothes and had a piercing on his left ear . Even though he’s only fourteen. Henry waited for thirty minutes straight for his partner. Eventually she came. Sophie, a thirteen year old girl with pale white skin, blazing red hair and dark, jade eyes. Jogged towards henry with an apologetic look. ‘What took you so long?’  sneered Henry in irritation ‘ I’m sorry something caught my eye when I was on  the way here.’ Sophie apologised . Henry sighed  ‘ Come on let’s get out of here we have a mission’ Henry said in defeat. He could never stay mad at Sophie, she was like a little sister to him. ‘Okay, let’s go!’ Sophie yelled quietly enough for Henry to hear.

Henry and Sophie made their way out of the mall and went to Henry’s black Audi. They got in the car and drove back home. Their mission was waiting at home. You see Henry and Sophie are not what they seem. In truth they are assassins, trained since the age of three to complete missions that are given to them. Sophie was a hacker, she could hack into anything. Even the most highly secured computers in the world. Henry was the power but he was also the brains. He had been doing this at the age of four. When they got home there was an email for them. It was from the one of most powerful mafia in the world.  

Dear blank
We would like to recruit you in the Vongola. We may be the strongest in our defence and offence out of the Cyber world . But we are lacking hackers to defend our information from getting leaked out to others.
Please consider our request, You will be payed and we will not betray you.
-sincerely the Vongola Neo Primo

Henry and Sophie looked at each other with shocked faces. They couldn’t believe what they just read. The head of the most powerful company and mafia wanted them to make an alliance . Henry and Sophie stared at each other and mentally said together ‘what are we  getting ourselves into!?’.

Author note: If you would like me to continue this writing please inform me in the comment box below. Also I do not own the name Vongola neo primo and vongola nor the picture. 

How To Make a Short... FILM. (She didn't realize)

Nepal - Summer

how to write a short story

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How to write the perfect short story

How to write the perfect short story

How to make the perfect short story.

How to write the perfect short story

how to write a good short story

How to write a perfect short story

How to write the perfect short story.

How to write the perfect short story

Tips on how to write the perfect short story


How to write a perfect short story

How To Write The Perfect Short Story (Tips) - Ashleigh