Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Xbox Addict - Victoria's Holiday

First person military war thriller, exploring the exotic Himalayan country-like fictional world, creating unimaginable realistic celebrity faces and guessed hundreds of words people were attempting to draw, was what I got up to in the holidays.
Image result for gamer raging
Whether I was riding on top of an elephant or fighting off green-blob like objects, I was sitting around staring at any screen I could possibly find. My holidays was a mix and mash off listening to old 'throwback' songs and talking to my so called 'online' friends. When my sister could be bothered, we would eventually go out everyday for a run.. something I thought I wasn't capable of considering the couch looked irresistible.

Yes, the Victoria Stephenson did actually go out for runs, walks with Mummy and weeding the garden. I was actually doing cardio too! At 5:30 pm on most nights, if you were heading into Wattle downs, you would see us walking. If you were awake at 6:00 am, you would see the Stephenson Sisters running to the duck pond and so on.

So that's basically a sum up of what I actually did besides me staying awake till morning and sleeping most of the day, to me raging at games and dying unexpectedly. 
This nocturnal human being had one of the most boring holidays in all holidays accounted for.


  1. great work and super funny

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