Sunday, 26 July 2015

MY TRIP=Shriya

! My awesome trip to Cape Reinga !

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On the school holidays my family and me went up north to Cape Reinga for two days, we had left at 5:00am on Monday for our trip my uncle and his family wanted to join us so did.
We had left and on our way to Silverdale because my uncle still hadn’t came so we texted him and we stopped at the gas station and while we were waiting we got some pies and hot chocolate and then after a while he came and we were again off to Cape Reinga .
On our way we did stop at some town and we also went to the Cape Reinga lighthouse and the Glowworm cave but I konoe that it is a long long way from Silverdale.
And after a long day my mum had booked three rooms so we stayed the night and in the morning we headed back for Manukau.


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