Thursday, 23 July 2015

My school holiday

Image result for waitomo glowworm cavesMy school holiday was one of the best holidays ever. On the first week of the school holiday my mum, dad, and me went to the glowworm caves in Waitomo, which by the way was awesome. First Saturday of the holiday we went to Tongariro national park and played in the snow. When I was standing with a big clump of snow in hands, my dad thought it was a good idea to throw a snowball at me. But I got back at him  later with several snowball attacks from me while my mum  took photo of us and then later joined in the friendly, frozen, frenzy.

Second week of the holidays was awesome too. My mum, dad, uncle, and me went to watch Terminator genisys in the early week while we watched Ant-man during that second week. Saturday was a chill day where me and my mum spent time  at home doing our own things. My mum catched up on some of her movie in the Main lounge while I was in the next lounge watching Naruto shippuden and reading fan-fiction. Also on most days I helped out at the bakery with cupcake designs and other things like doing the gingerbread-men, grating carrots, closing the lids of the fruit-salad bowls, making fruit-custard tarts and other things.
Overall It was a great holiday and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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