Saturday, 25 July 2015

My holidays Carl.

My holidays

Image result for goalkeeper diving action shotIn my holidays I went to Tauranga to play a soccer tournament so my dad and I stayed at my cousins house for the night when everyone else in my team went to a hotel. That night we went to someone's birthday party and came back at 10:00 pm so I was super tired the next day. Which was the tournament and to start the first game we lost, the second game we lost, the third game we lost and finally our last game we lost. It was a really tough tournament because all the teams were a grade up from us. But we did try our hardest and was a long trip home.

Then the next week after that I went 10 pin bowling with Jacob, his sister, Emily and I. I won the first game and Jacob won the second one and we had to wait ages for my mum to pick us up and finally she arrived and went home. On the final Thursday I went to jump with Flynn and we were so tired after that. So he came to my place and we practiced netball and played volleyball as well. On the last day I went to see the minions movie with my mum and sister which was pretty funny and cool. On the final four days of the holidays I practiced netball shooting for the next week's tournament the following friday which year 8 boys won.  

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