Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Holiday

My Holiday started a bit earlier than the rest of my school  . My Holiday  started at 12.00 pm but the start of my holiday didn't start off as a holiday because I had to go to my first tutoring class it was really boring  when the tutoring had finished. We speed home and waited are uncle to arrive when he did arrive it was total  chaos. He was taking care of us  while our parents were out at a fancy party. We were up till midnight playing games and eating pizza and watching tv . The next day we went to watch the minion movie it was great and the next day we went to inside out with my uncle Francis It was also a great movie. I didn't do any more fun activities for the rest of the week . But on Saturday we had to pack  for our trip to Palmerston North we also had my cousin and aunt around we were going to leave the very next day we had to rest it was going to be a big day tomorrow.It was the big day and also a cold one we finished our packing and head out of the house and fluid up and headed off. We didn't leave until  10.00 am. The drive down was long about 6 hours and it’s really boring but we had a TV to watch we stopped in Taupo to have lunch and get groceries. We did not stop until waiouru. We stopped  to play in the snow. I fell through it it was hilarious when we finally made it to Palmerston North it was 7:00 pm we hardly had time to unpacked when we were given dinner and sent to bed .The rest of the week wasn't all that fun but it did get fun when we went ice skating with one of my mum’s friend and her children. It was so hard I fell on my butt a lot But it didn't take me long to find out how to do it when we had finished skating we went to McDonald's for dinner after dinner we went back my grandpa's place and watched a show named road madness It was hilarious . The next days wasn't all that interesting but on Thursday we travelled down to Taupo to spend a night with my dad  it was awesome he had curry and rice of dinner . The next day was Friday and it was one of the longest days of my holiday because in the morning we travelled to Rotorua to have lunch and go on the luge and gondola the luge was fun but I did hold up some people on my last go on . Then we travelled back down to Auckland it took about 5 hours it was a really boring trip but it was good to speak with my dad. When we got back it was 7:30 pm we had time to watch robin hood the prince of thieves the next two days we rested for the long week ahead of us.     

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